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Polyurethane foam injection, also referred to as foam jacking, is the process of drilling holes into concrete and injecting them with polyurethane foam. As the foam expands, the concrete raises and levels out. The foam first expands into the soil, causing the dirt to become denser as the foam fills the voids beneath the concrete.

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Most mudjackers do not use injection ports. Material spills and leaks can occur causing a messy work area and require cleaning. Polyurethane Slab Lifting Process We then connect advanced, computer-controlled equipment to the injection ports and inject a two-part polymer.

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PMC engineers a complete product line for Urethane Spray Systems including proportioning units, a uniquely designed heated hose system, transfer pumps, spray guns and the auxiliary equipment required by a contractor to successfully and economically apply residential foam insulation, roofing, pour foam, Polyurea and Polyurea hybrid coatings.

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Urethane casting gives companies a first-to-market advantage and first shots within 7-10 business days. This allows companies to get their products on shelves long before hard-tooling for traditional injection molding could be completed. Accuracy & Consistency with Urethane Casting

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AUTI is a Missouri-based manufacturer of custom molded castable urethane. AUTI specializes in the manufacturing of custom molded polyurethane parts for: Automation Equipment, Business Machinery, Banking & ATM Equipment, Mail Sorting Machinery, and Medical Equipment. We manufacture urethane parts that meet F.D.A. approved material specifications.

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Oct 04, 2015 · Cannon USA is a worldwide manufacturer of PU machinery and composites equipment, that also operates in thermoforming. Home. About. Products. Applications. Services. Contacts. Jobs. More Mix Head FLP -Cannon Usa Cannon USA Introduction to Polyurethane Seminar: CANCELLED. February 10, 2020. CPI Technical Conference San Antonio, TX 2020

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The equipment is contained in a trailer rig with a long hose capable of reaching direct to the concrete slab location. Polyurethane foam is then injected under the slab filling voids, and raising it to the correct level. After the injection is completed, the hole is patched with polymer concrete or cement.

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Urethane injection, also known as polyurethane or grout, is the most common way to seal and fill a crack in concrete and foundations. The popularity of urethane injection as a solution is due to its flexibility and versatility for a variety of applications. These include commercial and residential foundation or concrete crack repair.

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Urethane Low Pressure Injection Molding: Injection of liquid polyurethane into a closed mold under low pressure, in a process ideal for projects in which a component size, component shape or tooling configuration would make compression molding impractical. Benefits: Ideal for unusual sizes or shapes; High precision and intricate parts

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Critical Applications. Components. Repairs. learn more Linden Polyurethane is a U.S.-based manufacturer of advanced, highly customized polyurethane machinery and mix heads for critical markets around the world. Made Possible with Linden PSM 3000 Polyurethane Equipment Peak Performance.

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Spend more time pumping and less time fixing and cleaning your equipment; What makes the EliteONE the best polyurethane concrete lifting injection gun in the world? See the comparison chart below! EliteONE Press Release HERE See what others have said about the industry leading polyurethane injection gun! The new EliteOne has been a godsend.

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PU low/high Pressure Spray Foam Machine Polyurethane Insulation Equipment. $5,850.00 to $7,895.00. Free shipping. 19 watching. Titan Helix Spray Foam Machine & Trailer - Replaces Graco E20 & E30 (BEST DEAL!) $35,000.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 14 watching. EZ 3000 Spray Foam Rig. Spray Insulation Machine, Equipment, & Trailer Package

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This type of injection (sometimes referred to as urethane injection) is arguably the most common type of injection used for repairing basement leaks and waterstopping generally, due to its versatility. It is used exclusively for stopping leaks in poured concrete foundation walls and structures.

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The equipment required for polyurethane concrete raising is minimal a truck or trailer holds the materials and supplies an extraordinary length of hose that can be utilized from a great distance. Crew members pull the hose to the area being repaired and inject polyurethane foam under the slab filling voids and raising it to the proper

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Nextstar offers two types of high pressure injection equipment for the busy contractor for those large or difficult injection projects. A contractor on a single visit can simply drill out / install high-pressure Packers and the polyurethane injection can start immediately, sealing the crack between the injection packers would be optional

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Mudjacking equipment is cheaper than polyurethane equipment and materials. Polyurethane Injection. Pros. Polyurethane injection is a long-lasting procedure. Lightweight materials are used that will not cause additional soil compression and will flow easily during the injection process. The polyurethane density is sufficient to completely fill cavities below a sinking foundation.

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A tapered delivery port is installed into the hole. The injection gun is connected to the port. The injection gun delivers the polyurethane material through the port and slab. Expansion of the material occurs within seconds, compressing loose soils and raising concrete. This equipment will keep the injection port open between

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Ready to find your ideal polyurethane processing or mixing equipment? We just need a few details to get started. Request a Quote. Subscribe and Stay in the Mix with Linden 137 Ascot Pkwy, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 (330) 928-4064 Send us a Message; About Us. Linden Polyurethane, formerly Linden Industries, is a U.S.-based global provider of

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For Polyurethane Foam Grouts & Resins, Acrylic Gels, Epoxy Resins SealBoss offers a comprehensive selection of professional and proven injection and dispensing pumps to suit your needs. The right pump is determined by many factors including job size, product components and properties, injection volume and pressures, and your injection frequency.

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Pour Foam Equipment. Gracos low maintenance and reliable pour foam equipment is designed for open mold pour foam structural and insulation applications. Our polyurethane foam mixing metering systems and mixheads help factories increase line uptimes and reduce overall maintenance costs. These systems are ideal for both

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Whether youre dealing with a crack in your slab foundation, a sinking driveway, or a crack in a concrete wall, Ram Jacks polyurethane resin injection is a quick, affordable solution. Polyurethane resin injections are not only flexible in that they mold to fill the exact shape of the crack, but they also bond to almost any material.

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Our waterproofing materials include polyurethane chemical injection grouts such as hydrophobic and hydrophilic polyurethanes and poly acrylates, injection pumps, injection packers and specialty waterproof and protective coating systems. We supply structural repair epoxy injection systems, high strength epoxy resins and epoxy gels.

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As the essential piece of foam jacking equipment for Alchemy-Spetecs expanding polyurethane foams, the resin injection gun provides highly-efficient concrete leveling. The attachment allows the user to stand while operating the gun. Standard aluminum block (optional stainless steel block available). MixMaster Pro Foam Jacking Gun

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The injection method involves shooting the material into a mold at a very high speed. The material shot into the mold is either in the form of liquid or in the form of hardened polyurethane droplets. The material shot into the mold is either in the form of liquid or in the form of hardened polyurethane droplets.